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Hello Parents/Guardians and Students,

My name is Delsey Sabu. I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a B.S. in Computer Science. My tutoring experience includes being a CS Lab Assistant at SPU and a programming instructor at iDTech Summer Camp. I grew up in India and I am very fluent in speaking Malayalam. I have a passion for singing, which sadly does not mean I am good at it! I am a worship leader at the Indian church I attend and lead devotions for the youth. I am currently doing a Data Science program at UW.

If your student is below a fifth-grade level, I recommend taking the beginner course. If they’re in fifth grade or above, I recommend taking the advanced course. Both courses are introductory level courses, meaning that the students do not need prior experience or knowledge to excel in the courses. I request you to look at the “Parent To-Do” section underneath the course you have selected for your student(s). If there are any concerns, please email me at delsara721@gmail.com or sabud@spu.edu.

I hope to see you all soon,

Delsey Sabu

Сайн байна уу.


Миний нэр Дэлси Сабу. Би Seattle Pacific University сургуулийг компьютерийн шинжлэх ухааны бакалаврын зэрэгтэй төгссөн. Миний багшлах туршлага нь SPUCS лабораторийн туслах, iDTech зуслангийн програмчлалын багш байх зэрэг орно. Би Энэтхэгт өссөн бөгөөд Малайлам хэлээр маш сайн ярьдаг. Би дуулах дуртай! Би очиж буй Энэтхэгийн удирдагч бөгөөд залуучуудад зориулсан сүсэгтнүүдийг удирдан явуулдаг. Би одоо UW-д Мэдээлэл Шинжлэх Ухааны хөтөлбөрийг сурч байгаа.


Хэрэв таны оюутан тавдугаар ангийн  түвшингээс доогуур байвал би эхлэх курст хамрагдахыг зөвлөж байна. Хэрэв тэд тавдугаар анги ба түүнээс дээш настай бол ахисан шатны сургалтанд хамрагдахыг зөвлөж байна. Хоёр курс хоёулаа танилцуулах түвшний сургалтууд бөгөөд оюутнуудад курсээсээ илүү туршлага, мэдлэг шаардагдахгүй гэсэн үг юм. Таныг оюутныхаа сонгосон хичээлийн доор байрлах "Эцэг эхийн хийх" хэсгийг харахыг хүсч байна. Хэрэв танд ямар нэгэн асуудал байвал delsara721@gmail.com эсвэл sabud@spu.edu хаягаар над руу имэйлээр илгээнэ үү.

Та нартай удахгүй уулзана гэж найдаж байна.

Дэлси Сабу

Beginning Course

This course is recommended for below Fifth-grade students.

We will be using Code.org for this course, specifically, their CS Fundamentals for Elementary Students. Code.org has multiple courses designed for specific grade levels and depending on enrollment, we will start with a specific course. 


Computer science fosters creativity and teaches students critical thinking skills to become proactive learners, so elementary school is the ideal time for students to be introduced to CS. Your students will create their own games, art, and digital stories that they can share - all while developing problem-solving, collaboration, persistence, and computational thinking skills. Every course includes "unplugged" activities that teach computational thinking and digital citizenship skills without computers. This would include journaling and discussions in class.

For example; the students’ first tasks will include moving characters to do specific tasks on the screen using blocks. These blocks will teach fundamental programming concepts such as variables, conditionals, loops and functions.

Advanced course

This course is recommended for above fifth grade students.

Please see the syllabus below to see if your student will be able to handle the workload.

My intention for this CS course is to instill curiosity in my students. Through the different classes, I hope to expose students to object oriented programming and app development.  We will be discussing aspects of software production like software design, testing, peer review and presentation.

MIT App Inventor

We will be using MIT App Inventor during the first part of this course (October – December). MIT App Inventor is an intuitive, visual programming environment that allows everyone – even children – to build fully functional apps for smartphones and tablets.  The students are not required to have an android phone, but if they have one, they can use it to test their programs. I personally do not own an android phone, thus, will be using an emulator to check my own programs. We will discuss sharing computers and phones for the sake of the projects.

 Below is the syllabus for the next ten weeks, it is subject to change depending on the pace of the class. Most lessons will consist of a small lecture and independent working time. There is no homework, since I believe what I laid out in the syllabus is doable in the next ten weeks. Sometime in December students will get a chance to present their final project app to their peers and parents. There are progress checks for each day, which might consist of a journal entry or a presentation which will help students break down their final project. The final project is not meant to be daunting. I hope all my students will have fun discovering programming this quarter.

MIT App Inventor Parents/guardian To-Do

The students will need a google account to sign into MIT App Inventor. I am planning on making dummy accounts for students if they do not have a google account already made. But, if parents/guardians are worried, please take some time to make dummy google accounts. The students will need access to their username and passwords. This google account will only be used to view YouTube videos for setup and instructions and to access the MIT app inventor design pages.

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