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Seattle Mongolian Youth Center's Road Map Project

Seattle Mongolian Youth Center has been awarded a grant from the Road Map Project to implement an Educational project to help our Mongolian Community with Education Resources so that their transition to the U.S. School System is easier while adjusting to their new country.

One of the essential parts of our project is to create an online resource on our website in the Mongolian Language that parents have the ability to lookup local schools and their ratings.

We will also provide parents with resources explaining the differences between the Mongolian Education System and the U.S. Education System.

Сиэттл дахь Монголын Залуучуудын Төвөөс Боловсролын төсөл хэрэгжүүлэхээр Road Map төсөл хэрэгжүүлж эхэлсэн.

Манай төслийн хамгийн чухал хэсгүүдийн нэг бол манай вэбсайт дээр эцэг эхчүүд орон нутгийн сургууль, тэдний үнэлгээг үзэх чадвартай онлайн эх үүсвэрийг бий болгох явдал юм.

Бид эцэг эхчүүдэд Монгол Улсын боловсролын систем ба АНУ-ын боловсролын тогтолцооны ялгааг тайлбарласан мэдээллийн эх сурвалжаар хангаж өгөх болно.

New Immigrants have a difficult time adjusting to their new environment

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Seattle Mongolian Youth Center

SMYC promote community empowerment, leadership development, self- reliance, and health promotion for newcomers to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence through direct assistance and capacity-building. 


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