Mongolian language class

At “Tsarskhan” Mongolian School, we understand that Mongolian is becoming a second language for children who are born and growing up in the U.S, which is why we teach Mongolian in our program. 
The purpose of our Mongolian language class is to develop our “Tsarskhan” school students successful people in the future who respect and be proud of ancestors while building a Mongolian community. 
Our Mongolian lessons include:

Preschool Class

  • We teach Mongolian songs, poems, and tell folk stories then ask our students to draw what they have understood.
  • We teach our students to respect our elders and teachers.
  • Teach respect to others. To wait their turn and raise their hands to ask for permissions and respect others
  • Exercises that improve hand coordination

1st Grade:

  • Learn the alphabets
  • Learn to read in syllables
  • Handwriting syllables in cursive
  • Introduce and express themselves

2nd Grade:

  • Reading in Mongolian and summarize
  • Handwriting practice, transcribing spoken words, spelling correctly
  • Teamwork, learn to discuss a given subject

3rd Grade:

  • Learn to present and speak about Mongolian traditions, history, literature, and folklore.
  • Learn to summarize in writing