Women's Leadership project

Funding agency: Seattle Foundation's "Neighbor to Neighbor" program
Implemented period: 2019.10.25-2020.01.25
Project goal: To increase women's financial and communication capacity
Target group: Women of all ages
Activities: Training, Discussion,
Outcome, relevance:
20 women participated in this 12-week scholarship program.
They learn and improve their knowledge on many subjects such as financial independence, social skills, resume writing, job interview preparation, study and work planning, women’s health, civic participation, public relations, family and work balance living in a foreign country. 
Also, they learn from each other through weekly meetings, discussions, and exchanging experiences.
Through this program, we have established a database of email addresses for more than 300 people and a list of telephone contacts.
We also increased our communication channels by contacting other social groups in Seattle including WE Mongolia -Seattle, Seattle Mongolian Women's Basketball group, Seattle Mongolian Moms group.
We have learned from our weekly meetings that physical education, especially team sports, creates a favorable environment for our women to collaborate and work together. With a help N2N funding we able to support Seattle Mongolian Women's 35+ team to participate in the Annual Women's Basketball Tournament in Chicago, October 2019.  
Also, SMYC made a significant contribution to Women's basketball training in October through February.
As a result of our Women's Leadership Project, many future cooperations and opportunities have opened up. Women from many different socio-economic backgrounds have participated in our program. Participants enjoyed and appreciated our Mongolian dance lessons and yoga lessons that we conducted after the workshops. Our graduates received certifications.