Our STEM lessons are based on coding and math lessons. The students benefit from a personalized curriculum based on their needs and level. As the world has gotten more technology-reliant, teaching students computer-based skills would make them become more knowledgeable. It’s a perfect way to sharpen the tech skills and learn the basics of computer science.
The Seattle Mongolian Youth Center believes coding isn’t just for computer whizzes; it’s for everyone.

We teach Well-known block coding systems – Scratch coding.
So kids can program their own interactive stories, games, and animations.
It helps kids learn new creative ideas and have fun.

In math kids use Khan Academy online tutoring classes and learn math, play puzzle games, finger maths, solving problems together using a team.

The Coding and Math class features dynamic and personalized instruction with hands-on learning that allows students to make new friends, build confidence, and boost their self-esteem.